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Lots of things have changed over the years, including the way that we meet people. The Internet changed things for the better when xdating became acceptable. Most people have no time for stable, long-term relationships, nor do they desire them. Most of us want to find someone to have sex with, that’s all. They rather not deal with the headaches and cost of being with one person for a long period of time. The headaches that go along with all that are not worth it.

We live in a fast-paced society. People just want to fuck today. At least that’s what I gathered after spending months doing reading dating advice articles. Well, it’s not only based on hard facts gathered, but also my personal experiences. There’s nothing better than finding someone to fuck, getting laid and going back to your daily routine. I’ve spent months using tons of sex dating sites, I’ve finally found something that works for me. What I do to get laid is typically referred to as XDating.

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I wasn’t always convinced that this so called xdating worked. In fact, I literally had written the question on a piece of paper to further research, Does xdating really work? Well, I spent a significant length of time using the one particular site every day. Nearly a year later I found myself still using it to meet women for sex. The amount of time I’ve personally invested in meeting women online, I could write a book and share my experiences. Fuck that, I’d rather save time, share what I know here now, and get back to searching for local girls online. I put a generous amount of time into my online dating efforts and have done the same with the xdating review site I’ve created for you.

It wouldn’t be right for me to share everything I’m about to share without first introducing myself. I’m Derek Robinson, recent mid grade guy in his late 20s. I spend all my time sitting at my shit desk job that cost me figures in college. When I’m not at work, I’m either online searching for girls or I’m at a bar getting drunk. As you can probably tell, I don’t beat around the bush. If you care to learn more about me, read this page.

At this point, you know why I created this site, who I am and what makes me an expert when it comes to sex and dating. I want you to open your ears and listen closely now. I’m about to share everything I know and have had the pleasure of experiencing. I have a zero fucks policy that I adhere to on this site. After reading a bunch of xdating reviews online, I decided to finally join one that changed my life.

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When the idea of joining a dating site came to fruition I was a bit confused. I admit, there were so many sites out there to join that the whole process became overwhelming. I made a promise to myself that I’d try as many sites as necessary until I found one that worked for me. Then that day finally came that I was waiting for. I found gold amongst the bronze and silver after doing enough sifting.

It was shocking when I stumbled across a site and a few specific women that were smoking hot. I did some more digging and quickly learned that they too were looking to connect with someone local for a quickie or two. I immediately called my best friend and told him to visit a certain site to help me verify if what I was seeing was legit. Turns out he was seeing the same exact thing. He quickly hung up as if he was in a hurry. What I later came to learn was that he joined the xdating site that I was about to register for myself.

After questioning myself in the mirror asking, “Is XDating really the answer? Will it finally end my drought in the bedroom?” Well, I’m here to answer for you with a loud and confident HELL YES! It changed my world and it’ll change yours as well. However, I don’t want you making a decision right now. You should really read my detailed review of the best xdating site shown directly below.

In short, I get laid on the regular using this hookup website. Not gonna lie, I did come across a few women that I didn’t find that attractive. I had to weed through a few ugly women but they need sex too, right? The point is that all the women on the site were real and had one thing in common. They wanted to fuck.

What Happened When I Joined The Best Dating Site

It literally could not have been any easier to join this site. It only took about three minutes to complete the entire signup process. You don’t need to take my word for it though. Instead, I’m going to share the entire signup process with you. The exact steps that I’ve take have been laid out for you.

It took less than 30 seconds after joining before I began doing some focused searches for girls looking to go on a sex date. I was skeptical and freaked out when I first started the searches. I quickly got over that and found myself chatting with multiple women looking to hook up. Some of the local women that wanted to have a fling, did just that with me. I fucked a handful of women that contacted me. I had the best results when I did the initial outreach. Regardless of the method, it worked and I got laid. That’s what is most important.

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As previously mentioned, the process of joining was so simple. Here’s the process that I went through from start to finish…

1. I first started by visiting the homepage. Once I was there, I had to let the site know my gender. Simple enough, I chose it and clicked the big “Next” button.

xdating signup step 1

2. Next, I had to verify what I was seeking. Of course, I’m seeking a slut but that wasn’t an option. If you’re a guy like me, then you’ll want to check off “Woman.” It should be by default. I then clicked next.

xdating signup step 2

3. The next step was to enter my local zip code. Simple enough right? Make sure this is accurate so you can better connect with local girls.

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4. The next step is to enter your age. Make sure you put your real age here too. Lying about how old you are isn’t going to help you.

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5. Next, you will need to enter your email address. This is a very important part of the process. I suggest using an email address that you use daily. This is how you will be notified when girls want to connect with you.

xdating signup step 5

6. Choose a password that only you will remember and click signup.

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Congrats, you’re officially a member.

7. You will then be redirected to a new page inside the members area. A welcome page pops up and you are going to want to complete that form on the page. Trust me, doing so will increase your success 1000%!

setting up xdating profile photo

I uploaded an adventurous looking photo of myself, created a display name that was exciting and enticing, then it was off to the races after clicking the save button.

Your browser will redirect to a new page. You can then upgrade your membership on this page. I decided to not fuck around and just upgrade right away. I paid for a Gold 1 Month membership which cost me #34.95. There were plenty of other options for those either ready to commit for the long haul or those that want to just try it out. They have a two day trial for $0.99 or a 6-month and 12-month offer that cost $11.65/mo and $6.76/mo respectively. You will need to enter your first name, last name, country, state and zip code.

upgrading your xdating membership

If you choose the 1-month membership the page might look like this. It’s a secure page for you to enter payment information to complete the upgrade process.

monthly dating membership-upgrade

If you decide to go with the 12 or 6-month option, the page may look something like this.

annual xdating membership billing page

There are a few sections of this xdating network that I suggest using. For starters, you can begin by using the search function of the site. This will allow you to search members and perform an advanced search. You can even SMS users if you prefer to message them via SMS. I always gravitate towards individuals that are online now because those are the people looking for sex at this very moment.

Some other sections of the site that are kick ass are the video and group chat sections. They are exactly what you think. It’s for either one on one video chat or group chatting with other members. This can be fun if you’re into dating swingers in your local area.

There are more features but you’re going to have to join to check them all out. The live girls on cam are awesome not to mention all the photos and videos that users post. It’s pretty fucking wild and the girls are even wilder than you could ever imagine.

My Dating Bio And Profile

I legit stressed the fuck out about creating my profile. Then I found out how so damn easy it was. What you need to fully understand is that putting time and effort into your dating profile and bio can literally mean the difference between getting laid and not getting anywhere.

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, you must enhance your profile. The good news is that doing so is extremely easy. In order to stick out, I uploaded an interesting photo of myself. Not some piece of shit image of me dressed like a nerd. I put myself together, made sure I was clean shaven and looking good.

I wore something that I looked good in. Not a suit and tie but something that made me look like a hot shit. Since most women are so accustom to seeing profile photos of losers looking like slobs. I went above and beyond to make myself look like a stud with money.

get laid 100% guarantee

Meeting Girls On The Site

If you want to meet girls on the site then it’s best to not waste any time. My objective was to meet girls within 10 miles of where I lived. I spent time taking notes during the process so that I could one day help others understand how I got laid so many times. My approach is literally fool proof. I was convinced that it would be worth documenting so I did it. That said, I ended up with tons of messages and dates with local female members.

I’ll get to the dates but before I do that, I wanted to share some insight on the types of women that I met. Below you’ll find an example of one of the girls that I met on the site. There were all types on the site ranging from typical milfs to slutty college girls. There were even some singers on the site that I met. This is only one example but it should give you an idea of what you can expect.

xdating girl

A Real Female Member that I met on an xdating site.

I’ve had the pleasure of fucking other girls on the site as well. Here are two other profile pics of some girls on the site. Keep in mind, this is only to give you an idea of what to expect.

xdating bootycall

You think she’s looking for a bootycall?

xdating women

College girl selfies are my favorite.

My Specific Approach

Here is the exact approach that I took with regards to dating girls I met online. Once I was logged into the xdating site of my choice, I tried to find enough girls to connect with. That was a piece of cake. Soon as I found a girl I like, I immediately messaged them. The key is to compliment the girl from the get go. I sent a nice message with a sincere compliment and left it at that. If a girl decided to not respond to my message I said fuck it and kept moving forward. I didn’t want to look too insecure or desperate for sex. I don’t have time to mess around if I did I wouldn’t have joined this adult dating site.

no time for dating games

Each time I heard back from a girl, I immediately set up a date with them. If I couldn’t meet that day I would ask for a video sex date to be set up. My typical approach was to take my date to a high-class restaurant or bar near a hotel. All it typically took were a reasonable number of martinis and that’s it. Most of the time I end up in a hotel room down the street. I legit fuck girls using this same approach time and time again.

The Pros Of Using This Dating Site

There are more than just a couple of benefits for joining xdating.com or any other casual sex site for that matter. I’ll share what’s most important here. The site above is simple to use and there are more girls in my town that were on the hunt for sex than I could have imagined. The dating service is very affordable and the website is award winning.

The Cons

There’s nothing negative to say about this site. The main thing I can say is that some of the women take some time to respond, but that’s about it. The good news is that there are so many women on the site that it shouldn’t slow you down.

Conclusion: Join The Site If You Want To Fuck Women

Basically, what I can tell you is that the xdating site I’ve recommend here is absolutely incredible. The site gets me laid on the regular. It’s been the best dating site I’ve used in 2016 and I continue to fuck local women that I meet all the time. I like fucking as many girls as possible and this site keeps increasing my numbers on a weekly basis. You may even have better results than I if you really put some effort into things. I have no intentions of ever settling down with someone. Instead, I’ll continue to have flings with local girls on a daily basis and you can too.

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