About Me

My name is Derek R. and I’m a typical guy in his mid-20s that likes to find and fuck girls. I’m from Florida and I currently live in the Tampa Bay area. I’m not going to waste my time sharing  a bunch of info that you could care less about. Instead, I’ll give you the rundown quick as possible. I’m not a genius nor am I super wealthy. I’m just a guy in his twenties that spent four years partying at the University of Central Florida. When I was in college I used to send sext messages to girls. I joined my first dating site as a senior and it changed my sex life forever. After partying my ass off and fucking college girls, I moved to back to Tampa.

Fast forward to today….

I work in Tampa in a sales and marketing job. I’m not going to tell you the company that I work for in fear of getting fired. What I will say is that I’m a hard working guy that drives a decent car and likes dating all types of women. I prefer the mature or more sophisticated women these days just because they cause fewer problems and little drama.

I’m a huge sports fan and have season tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightning. While I still like to party, I prefer spending time going on dates versus hanging with my crazy friends. I don’t go out every night but Thursday through Saturday night I’m a machine. What I’m driving at here is that my objective between those days is to go out on as many dates with as many girls as possible. Since I’m being honest here, I’ll just spill the beans here. I don’t care if it’s connecting with a smoking hot milf with a husband out of town for the weekend or a typical female barfly that’s a slam pig. I’ll go to pound town any night of the week.

I’m not going to show my full face in fear of being recognized here but I will share a picture of me holding my puppy. Yes, a dog will help you get laid. Girls love cute looking animals and I use it to my full advantage. He’s a male Weimaraner that’s smart as fuck and he’s super friendly.

me and my puppy

If you have any questions about me or what I do then just email me. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with answers. If you haven’t read my entire review yet then I urge you to do so.