Adult Dating Checklist For Success


If you are new to this adult dating scene and you happen to stumble across my xdating review site then you’re not alone. Lots of people end up on my site without having the slightest idea what to do when it comes to using a casual dating service. In fact, lots of people fail miserably because they aren’t prepared for what’s in store for them. I’m here to help change all that for you. Instead of being completely lost or in the dark, I’m going to give you the ultimate adult dating checklist for success online. You’d be wise to memorize this list and put forth some serious effort to do everything mentioned. It could mean the difference between fucking a local girl or jerking off at home alone.

adult dating checklist

The Most Important Adult Dating Checklist Ever

I kept this list as simple and easy as possible to understand. There is a really good chance that doing everything mentioned will come as a no-brainer to you once you go through the motions once or twice. Just keep reading.

Dating Site Membership

So, by now if you haven’t joined a casual dating site, now is that time to do so. This checklist is for people that have already met someone and they have a potential fuck date already scheduled. So if you’re not a member of any xdating site then read this review and sign up today. Once you’ve signed up, come back and finish reading this article.


As for those that have already joined a dating site, come with me as I share the rest of the essentials with you. If you want to be successful, you need to have courage. Two things women love about a man (besides a big dick), courage and confidence. Bring your strongest game possible as if it’s the 4th down in the last few seconds of the game. Everything counts and matters here!

iPhone or Android

Okay, this may sound like a no-brainer but you must have an iPhone or Android that’s compatible with many of the geo-location sex dating apps out there. You should always be on the lookout for sex and your mobile phone is like your sex lifeline. Without it, you will miss out on pussy opportunities for sure.


That’s right folksĀ if you want to hook up you need to have a little bit of money. Not to pay women for sex but to buy basic stuff like drinks, dinner and maybe even a hotel room. Adult dating booty calls can come at any time and you want to be ready for them with cash on hand! I should mention that you should try and save some cash for a gym membership. If you’re going to be going on all these dates, then you need to be in shape. The gym is actually a great place to meet girls too!


You can’t be raw dogging every slut you meet on an X date. That’s not recommended at all. I always wear condoms when I’m dating around. Reason being, girls love to fuck and so do I. However, some won’t fuck without condoms. Don’t blow your chance because you lack preparation.

This checklist can’t be any simpler. In fact, it’s the simplest checklist I’ve ever created. Real people that really like to fuck will take it super seriously. I’m a pro when it comes to dating women and you’ll want to take all this to heart. Now get out there and meet someone to hook up with tonight!

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