How To Flirt With A Girl In A Bar


There is a right way and a wrong way to flirt with a girl in bar room type setting. Fortunately for you, today I had the opportunity to have a trusty girlfriend of mine share some of her tips. It’s so easy to make massive mistakes when you’re in a bar and flirting with a woman that you eventually hope to take home that night. You can literally screw this up in a million different ways, or maybe even more!

A simple way to make this mistake is to act too creepy. Another simple mistake that you could make is to ignore her friends and never buy them any drinks. That especially goes for if she’s a mature woman. Yet another way to fail to impress a woman that you hope to do sex stuff with is to accidentally sing the lyrics of a popular song and attribute them to the wrong artist. All of these things will occasionally make you look like an idiot to the wrong woman!

Are you hoping to figure out how to avoid making stupid mistakes the next time you start talking to a girl in a bar? I’ve recently consulted with a gorgeous woman. This woman has had tons of hopeless men attempt to pick her up and these guys have made tons of mistakes that she’s happy to share with you today.

How To Flirt With A Girl

Here’s How To Flirt With A Girl At A Bar (Enough To Get Laid In The Near Future)

Some people don’t understand that knowing how to flirt takes practice. It’s an art that some people just can’t master. If you want to learn how to flirt with any hot girl you come across in a bar and you want to perhaps turn her on, then keep reading. I’ve got just what you need to hear. The girl that gave me these tips has been fucking people using online dating sites for years. She’s a professional slut if you must!

Stop Staring

I know it’s hard to avoid staring at beautiful women in a bar, and this is especially true if you’re drunk or you’ve tied on a nice buzz, but it makes you look incredibly creepy to keep staring at the girl from far across the room.

It’s more than okay to give little glances from a distance. It’s even better if you sneak in a quick smile or two every once in a while. But when you stare at girls from a distance, they absolutely know that you’re looking at them, and unfortunately for you, they think you are the biggest creep in the room!

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Buy Her a Drink

When buying a girl a drink that you do not know, you should never presume to know what she’s drinking. You have two choices that will make this easy to figure out. You could literally look over at her and see what she’s drinking. And if it’s hard to tell based on the drink that she’s holding in her hand, you could always ask the bartender!

Quit making stupid mistakes guys. Instead of buying her a light beer when she’s drinking a cosmopolitan, start paying attention. Use your eyes instead of thinking with your penis.

If you have no way of finding out what she’s drinking, always send a girl over a glass of something bubbly and sparkly! That’ll certainly do the trick.

Don’t Forget to Buy Her Friends a Drink Too!

I understand that buying loads of drinks in a bar can get really expensive. But if you seriously want to impress this girl, you have to do more than just buy her a drink. You have to buy a drink for all of her friends as well. Make sure you buy one for every girl that she came to the bar with.

Why buy all her friends drinks? Well, she wants to see that you are willing to be nice to her friends. She also wants her friends to feel special. This is especially true if the girls are sitting right next to her when you plan to buy a drink.

Don’t Expect Her to Go Home with You Just Because You Bought Her a Drink

Another huge mistake that guys tend to make is they feel that they deserve some action if they have spent five bucks on a girl. This is a stupid way to think. It’s one of the reasons why you go home alone at night whenever you’re out at the bar!

Even more than taking her home, just because you buy a girl a drink doesn’t mean that you are even entitled to occupy all of her time at the bar. You aren’t entitled to talk to her nor are your entitled to harass her. You chose to buy her a drink so you really aren’t entitled to anything.

I know this might not seem like something that you want to hear. However, you have to get this through your thick head. Buying a girl a drink is your choice. She didn’t ask you to buy it for her. So she doesn’t owe you anything because you decided to spend your money on her. Please remember this, because otherwise, you might look like a jerk if you keep harassing a girl and expect too much from her.

Avoid Making Superficial Compliments

This is tough because guys like to compliment girls in bars. And this is especially true when they’re trying to pick them up. But some compliments are so superficial that any intelligent woman really doesn’t want to hear them.

In fact, if you constantly drool over a girl and tell her how pretty she is, you can almost expect to get shot down immediately. Plus, laying on superficial comments too thickly just makes the entire conversation really uncomfortable. She knows what you’re trying to do and she knows what you’re all about doing it but doesn’t want any part of it!

Those tips should help you flirt with a girl anywhere, including at a bar!

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