Reasons Why I Hate Tampa Bay Escorts (ALOT)


Whether they admit it or not, many guys turn to escorts for companionship and quick sex. I did it during a trip to Omaha myself. If you find the right service, they tend to be higher quality than your common street walker. There is an especially high number of escorts in the Tampa Bay area. They can be found in the Tampa section of Backpage under the “Female Escorts” section of the site. You can also find them in the Tampa Craigslist personals under “Casual Encounters,” or on any number of escort hookup sites. They might be easy to find, but this area doesn’t offer much in terms of quality really. There are many of the same setbacks to paying for an escort in any city, but it seems that most Tampa Bay escorts are not worth what you pay. I’ll break it down for you right now…

Why I Hate Tampa Bay Escorts

Why I Hate Tampa Bay Escorts So Much (Lots of Problems)

One of the main problems with Tampa Bay escorts is the lack of interest and fun. The girls are only spending time with you and having sex with you because you are paying for it. Trust me when I say this. It shows that they’re just not into you at all. They don’t seem to even attempt to show real interest or pleasure from being with you. They fake their pleasure so you’re never sure how good you are performing. This can have long-term negative effects on your personal health. Being with an escort shows you nothing about interacting with a girl or become better at performing in the bedroom.

An obvious problem with escorts is the high cost. It costs a lot of money if you want a hot girl. If she’s hot, once just won’t be enough. You will be tempted to go back to her again even though you are getting no emotional gratification. The only gratification you get is physical from having sex with a hot girl. This is nice at first, but it will only hurt you overall. It hurts your self-esteem knowing that you had to pay for it. When you pay for sex, you tend to forget that you might actually be desirable enough to have sex with higher caliber women outside of paying for it. I can tell you right now, they won’t be going on an actual “real date” with you.

Another problem with getting an escort is finding a decent service. They are rare in Tampa Bay because the market is so flooded with bad ones. It’s always hard to find an escort service you can trust no matter where you look, but it’s damn near impossible here. If you choose the wrong one, any number of problems could arise.

You run the risk of sexually transmitted diseases if the girls aren’t tested properly. You risk getting caught breaking the law and being arrested for solicitation. All your family and friends will find out that you’ve been paying for sex which could cause lasting complications in your life. On top of all these risks, there are some escort services that could be potentially dangerous. Some criminals have been known to use an escort service as a front for a scam where they take all your money and you can’t report it to the authorities without admitting that you are breaking the law.

So, what’s the next step if this doesn’t work? Well, to be blunt, you need to read my xdating review as well as reviews from other people. I can guarantee that you’ll find someone to have a fling with and you will not have to pay for sex while doing so.