Why I Love Having Online Booty Calls On The Weekend


There’s no chance that anything is better than having a couple online booty calls Friday through Sunday. Having spent a significant amount of time connecting with girls online and offline, I know why so many other guys love having these as well. I’m not going to try and convince you that you should have these hookups. That’s completely unnecessary and I’m not here to convince you. I’m only here to express the many reasons why I prefer this over having a typical (more serious) relationship with someone.

online booty calls

Online Booty Calls Kick-Ass (Here’s Why…)

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of what many of you horny fuckers have termed an “online booty call” and I’m going to give you a list of reasons why I love them so damn much.

Not Expensive

I’m going to pull the economic card out here and say that I love a booty call because they don’t expect much from a financial perspective. That means a lot to me given the amount of time and money that people spend on normal dates. Setting up a date with a local girl can cost $250 just for dinner and drinks (depending on where you go). Booty calls don’t require that financial investment. You may need to rent a hotel room, but that’s about it. It’s still better than having to invest in expensive dinners on girls you want nothing but sex from.

No Sleepovers

I like booty calls because I don’t have to wake up to the girl I had sex with. That’s music to my ears considering I’m the type that wants her to leave after banging. Sleepovers make things awkward and sometimes they can lead to more serious relationships forming. No one wants to deal with that at all. Save the sleepovers for movie night with your girlfriends instead. Booty calls must hit the road after doing the deed.

Sex Is Great

I’ve never had bad sex on a bootycall I’ve met online. On most occasions, the sex has been phenomenal. When it wasn’t amazing it was still pretty damn good. I think it’s the excitement that’s associated with the event. It’s honestly even better if you’re in great physical shape. I even had a random booty call with some girl from my gym. It happened to be the best sex of my entire life.

No Strings Attached

This kind of goes without saying but I figured I’d mention it. The fact that it’s a no strings attached relationship is huge. I’ve been known to have multiple NSA relationships and they’ve all lead to booty calls at one point or another. “No strings is the best way to live your life from an online dating perspective. It’s really that simple!

No Cuddling

I absolutely hate cuddling after sex. It’s super annoying and girls love to cuddle. Fuck that shit, I’d rather hang out with my dog than cuddle with some girl I’ve just busted a nut inside. Booty calls require no cuddling and that’s a huge plus!

More Fun

All in all, these online booty calls are more fun than a more serious relationship isn’t all that fun. Girls that are serious about having a guy in their life, they’re no fun. They’ve never been as fun as the girl that just wants some dick. It’s a fact that this is the case. Try me on it, I dare you!

The reasons I’ve mentioned above are enough to make you want to stop all traditional dating and start lining up booty calls instead. You can thank me later once you’ve banged a ton of girls without spending a shit load of money!