Tips For Casually Dating Mature Women In Their 40s and 50s


I’ve been known to date older women for quite some time now. In fact, I love dating 40-year-old women and even horny mature ladies in their early 50s. Some of them that take care of themselves are just perfect. They know how to fuck better than anyone. That’s part of the reason why I enjoy dating them. Now, what I need to do is tell you the best tips for dating these older women. You should not approach things as if they are college girls because they aren’t in college. They’re more mature and you need to take a different approach with these women.

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Important Tips For Dating 40-Year-Old (or Older) Mature Women

Don’t Tell Her She Looks Young
Women that are older know that they are aged. They don’t want to be told that they look like they’re fresh out of college. Sure it sounds good in theory but it will be so obvious that you’re full of shit. The silence will ruin the date and she may get turned off by this. Instead, compliment her on something she’s wearing.

Don’t Bring Up Kids of Family
It’s not okay to bring up any kids or family talk unless she brings it up first. Since you’re going on a casual date, she may not be open to sharing that personal information. Not to mention, your goal is to fuck her, not marry her. If she posts something about her family on her dating profile then you can talk about it but steer clear if not.

Act As If No Other Women Exist
Older women don’t have time to fight off other ladies. When you’re out with a hot cougar or a sexy older woman, just focus on her if you want to fuck her. Keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll win.

Don’t Talk About Age
Never reference or talk about age with women in their forties. Doing so implies that it’s something to worry about or consider. You don’t want age or the difference in age to be an issue.

Act Mature
I don’t care if you are in college and you just want to fuck some mature pussy, do not act like a college student. What I mean is that you’ve got to put on your big boy pants if you want to get in her panties.

Never Bring Up An Ex
Bringing up an ex when on any date is just foolish. It makes people think you’re not over them or that you talk about people. Older women think this is a huge turnoff. It’s also important that you never ask her about her ex-boyfriend. If she wants you to know something, she’ll tell you.

Let Her Lead In Bed
If you want to bang a 40 or 50 plus woman, then you’ve got to let her lead the way. A lot of times, she’ll guide you and tell you what she wants. They like to play the mommy role sometimes but it’s important that you never refer to her as that unless she insists.

Give Her Good Dick
Mature women want to be fucked nice and hard. It’s your duty to make sure she cums. Don’t even think about blowing your load early. If you do, I can guarantee that you’ll never be asked out by her again and you’ll never fuck her ever again.

Those are the tips that I have for any younger guys dating women in their 40s or 50s. If you’re not trying to meet them on and other sites alike then you’re only hurting yourself.

Sexy Older Women And How To Pick Them Up


Picking up sexy older women isn’t impossible. I’ll come clean and say that I’ve had my share of mature cougar snatch. What I can say is that older women are a hot commodity these days. For some odd reason, lots of younger guys want to chase around these aged women just for a little action. The good news is that most of the older guys are too busy running around looking for young girls to fuck. Sexy women in their mid-forties or even fifties need a good fuck from time to time and I’m going show you just how to help them out.

You can bet your bottom dollar that a mature woman knows just what needs to be done in order to please a young buck in the bedroom. Oh but the best part is that she’s likely down for just about anything at all! These older women are quite commonly called cougars. Far as I’m concerned you can call them what you want. I just know that I’ll be calling their cell phones for some pussy. Here’s how to pick up a few sexy older women in your hometown.

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Tips For Picking Up Sexy Older Women

This isn’t by any means something set in stone. The rules change quite often. Mature women are smart. It’s like fishing for a really smart fish that has seen every lure. However, she’s the shark that eventually will find you (if you play your cards right).

Know Where They Hangout

The ultimate place to find a sexy mature woman is actually anywhere. They hang out in a lot of places but most of the time they are either in the gym or at the bar. I’ll explain a little bit more in greater details. However, if you want to start with the basics, then go ahead and try the local high-end bar. Chances are, you’ll find a sexy older slut sitting their solo sipping on a strong cocktail. Now, if you want to up your chances of connecting with a mature lady, I suggest logging into the xdating app that you are using these days. Do a quick scan to see if any of the women at the bar are using the same app. If they are then boom, score big time! Finding one is just the start…

Talking To Older Women

You need to remember that sexy mature women don’t like to be spoken to as if they are young college girls. Matter of fact, they can spot some dumb young dude from across the room, no problem. The¬†best way to speak to a sexy older woman is by addressing her politely and acting like a young happy gentleman. If you treat her well and with respect, you can assume that she’s going to give you the hottest sex of you life if it comes to that. In addition¬†to that, she may even be dirtier or kinkier than you think so please let her take the lead young stud.

Treat Her Right

Once you have any sexy older woman interested in you then all you need to do is treat her with care. Remember, she’s a fragile package that you need to tread lightly with. One wrong move and you’ve lost her for good. I can guarantee that. Keep things to a light flirt until she takes things even further. If you’re daring enough, you can mention that you use to try and meet single mature women to connect with. Assuming that she digs that, then it’s hot sex for sure to come!

If you want to pick up older women, you can start by using any hookup site. I then suggest heading to the local bar or Morton’s steakhouse and following the instructions I’ve shared above. I’ve done exactly what’s written. If you want to learn more about me before taking my advice, then read this page. Good luck and let me know how it goes!