Tips For Picking Girls Up And Having Sex In Gym


Most people don’t realize how great of a place the gym can be. Approaching women at the gym is an art. You can meet girls, get a date and sex in gym or sex at yoga is possible. There’s a fine line you must not cross if you want to get an extra workout in with a gym slut. Keep reading to find out how you can find a woman while you are getting your sweat on. Do not be nervous about any of this, just keep reading!

Sex In Gym With Hot Local Girls

Important Tips For Picking Girls Up And Having Sex In The Gym

Having sex with a local gym girl is not impossible. Just read this and find out what needs to be done to successfully accomplish this task of fucking girls in the gym. Full disclosure, I fuck girls in the gym all the time. If you want to learn more about me and why I’m such a stud then read this page.

Put In The Work
If you spot a hot girl in the gym, you better believe you’ll need to put in the work to meet up and fuck. Same way you have to put in work at a local bar, you need to do it at the gym. Whatever you do, you cannot be too aggressive. If you stare or seem like you’re stalking her then you definitely aren’t getting anything other than kicked out of the gym. Just keep it cool and play it right not shot. Put in your own work on your body then put in work on connecting with the girl you like.

Don’t Disrupt Her Workout
Remember that most girls go to the gym to workout. They do not go to meet guys. They want to exercise and achieve goals. If you approach a girl while she’s working out, then you will be sorry. She may tell you to fuck off or just give you the cold shoulder. Some girls will use an excuse and state that they have a boyfriend to get you to scatter. Timing is everything. That said, interrupting her timed workout during a set is a no go.

Compliment Her
If you want to get a girls attention in the gym, compliment her. Tell a girl she is super hot but not in the gym. Compliment her on her pants or her biceps. Never go to sexual on the compliments. For example, don’t say her tits look good or her booty. You will sound like a fucking creep if you do.

Don’t Correct Her
If you think she’s using bad form or doing something incorrectly, do not think about correcting her. I promise that she will not be thankful. Instead, she’s going to think you’re a douchebag trying to look like a badass.

Make Her Feel Like A Pro
Girls in the gym want to feel like they are professionals even if they aren’t. Treat every girl like she is the expert in the gym, not you. I always ask girls, diet advice, cardio, and lightweight or bodyweight related exercise advice. If you see her in a Zumba or yoga class, ask her about it and be sincere. Don’t sound like you’re making fun of her or you’ll be standing there with your dick in your hand.

Don’t Touch
Do not touch the girl in the gym. Sure, you want to have sex in the gym with her but touching her while working out in front of everyone is not the answer. In fact, you might appear to be extra creepy if you take that approach. Play it smart even though you want to fuck her.

Don’t Be Too Loud
Grunt like a douchebag is you don’t like sex. I can promise that you will get yourself laughed straight outta the weight room acting like a jackass. Grunting makes you a jackass.

Ask Her Out After
After you are both done working out, I recommend that you both take the time to talk to one another. Offer to buy her a smoothie or maybe a drink after working out. Some gyms have coed pools, ask her if she wants to take a swim with you. Maybe you can get her naked and can even fuck her in the steam room. Trust me, it happens…

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